top.myrest.myflow.builtin v1.3.6

This is a builtin plugin, that can't be stopped, disabled and uninstalled. And you don't need to update this plugin separately because it is updated with the application. The builtin plugin is preset many commonly used functions, including file searching, batch renaming, calculator, date calculator, solving one dimension linear equation, random generator, clipboard, qrcode, screenshot, timer, etc. And we also integrate many commonly used os and app shortcuts.

This can help you complete your daily work more conveniently and efficiently. If the builtin plugin can't fully meet you needs, you can also search in the plugin store. If you don't find a comfortable one, or encountered any problems while using this app, welcome to submit a feedback, and we will seriously evaluate and develop suitable features.

Searching Files

When the plugin is first run, the service will traverse all the files on local disk and create an index to let finding file quickly, the entire process may take about 10 to 30 minutes, it depends on the number of files. If you discover some new files that can't found, try to rebuild the index: reindex

Searching support multi hierarchy fuzzy matching, example: /path/a?a/b*/**/test [file|dir|app]

file, dir and app is optional, file means only searching files, dir means only searching folders, app means executable file.

Unwrap Folder

Export all files in the specified folder to the outside(including files in the nested folders), example: folderunwrap /path/dir


If you are a developer, the remainder and bitwise operation features will be very useful for you. The usage is same as the code: 9%5 8|2 3&2 5^4 1<<2 1024>>9 ~7

Date Calculator

now is a builtin known date. Input now will display the current real time, appending a dot(i.e.now.) will stop real-time display.

addition and subtraction: [{date}][+{number}{unit}][-{number}{unit}]{date} means a date, {number} means a number, {unit} means the time unit, example: now+3y 20230923+365d. Because the date is optional, so convert a timestamp to date is very simple, just add the unit after the timestamp, example: 1695473448273ms 1695473434s

offset calculation: {date}<|>{unit}< means offset to the past,> means offset to the future,example: start time of this week now<w, end time of this year now>y

days difference: {date}-{date}, example: 2024-12-31-2023-01-01. Notice: the two dates here need to use the same date format.

support date formats: yyyymmdd yyyy-mm-dd yyyyMMddHHmmss yyyyMMdd HHmmss yyyyMMddHHmmssSSS yyyyMMdd HHmmssSSS yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.SSS

time units: ms s min h w d m y respective represent milliseconds, seconds, minutes, hours, weeks, days, months and years.

Random Generator

random [abc|chinese|password] [lower|upper] [{number}], {number} means length, upper means upper case, lower means lower case, abc means lower and upper case, chinese means chinese character, example: random 16 uppercase and lowercase letters random abc 16, random 16 lowercase letters random abc lower 16

random int [{number}[,{number}]] to generate a number, the first {number} means lower bounds, the last {number} mens upper bounds, example: random int 0,100

random color to generate a color.


Input timer start to start a temporary positive timer. timer [{name}] {date} start a countdown timer, {name} is a name you customized(optional), {date} represent a date that can be calculated by the 'DateCalculator', and you can find it by name after save, example: countdown to the end of today timer now>d


QLExpress is an advanced feature that can execute java-like syntax script at runtime to achieve customizable requirements, it supports passing a script file, the reference documentation: https://github.com/alibaba/QLExpress