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  • キーワードでトリガー
  • カスタマイズ可能なホットキー
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  • 多言語
  • データセキュリティ
File Converter

File Converter

This is a file converter plugin, currently supports convert pdf to image, csv to json, html to markdown, markdown to html, markdown to docx.

Developer Tools

Developer Tools

This is a plugin for developers that provides many commonly used functions, including code naming style conversion, color parser, base32 and base64 encoding and decoding, sha1 and sha256 encoding, md5 encoding, uuid generator, regex matching, capitalization conversation, etc.

Chinese Processor

Chinese Processor

This is a very useful plugin for Chinese users. Currently, the plugin supports conversion between simplified and traditional Chinese, obtains pinyin of Chinese characters, and use Chinese characters or pinyin to match keywords in Chinese language environment.